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We handle tuning on all types of diesel engines and parts.  No matter what type of torque, power or speed you are looking for, we can help you.  Our goal is to unlock the potential of your vehicle.  Give us a call today.


Diesel Tuning

Now more than ever, accurate tuning and adjustments are required to extract the best torque and economy from your vehicle.  Dynotuning and closely monitoring turbo boost, pyrometer (exhaust temp), intake, exhaust restriction and flow can greatly increase your 4WD's performance and economy.  Give us a call today to get your vehicle's health checked. 

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Diesel Performance

Diesels are in need of and respond to the tuning of air filtration, cold air, turbo or supercharged boost level, fuel quality, quantity and timing, delivery spray from the injectors and free flowing efficient exhausts.  Electronic controls are another variable, changeable via tuning chips.  Prodyno has exclusive use of adjustable DP performance chips, uniquely tuned to maximise power and economy.  With free flowing exhaust, intake and air filter, gains of 18-25% increase in power and torque and 5-9% increase in economy are expected. 

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