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Prodyno are Diesel service specialists. Our business is maintaining the best reliability from your vehicle. We have the technical skills and people to deliver on our service guarantee.

We use a wide range of brand name parts and suppliers and stand behind the quality of parts and service we use on every job. Your vehicle deserves the best.

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Car Servicing

When you bring your vehicle to us, you are ensured that quality attention will be given to your vehicle with the highest practises observed in our shop.  Our team double check everything to make sure the appropriate parts are used to keep your dealer warranty up to date.  We use the latest technology so that we can offer complete quality service. 

Log Book Servicing

Finally, a quality alternative to dealer service.  Talk to the mechanic who will service your car.  Personalised service and the confidence of a job well done.  Maintain your dealer warranty with our manufacturer's handbook servicing.  Our guaranteed quality service parts are always fitted and our quality Penrite lubricants ensure your vehicle's performance. 

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Transmission Service

With the development of more powerful engine packages today, more stress is passed onto the transmission.  It is recommended once a year regardless of distance travelled to have your transmission serviced.  Remember, oil and servicing are cheap.  Modern transmissions can be expensive to replace.  Ask one of our mechanics to evaluate your transmission whilst servicing. 


EFI Diagnosis

Is your vehicle not performing? Does your 'check engine' lamp come on?  Our Snap-On diagnostic scan tool is always being updated with the latest technology and models.  Combined with our trained expert technicians we will give you a thorough assessment report of your vehicle's performance. 

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Dyno Tuning

Our 'Dyno Dynamics' dynamometer offers accurate loading and simulation of road conditions to accurately allow testing in a controlled condition. (This means no mechanic guessing, or driving the vehicle on the road),  Our motto is "test, don't guess".  Save time, save money and have your car performing like you would expect.


Coolant Flush

Have your vehicle's cooling system restored and working effectively. Radiator, heater core, hoses, clamps, thermostat, radiator cap and fan operation are just some of the components which make up this system.  Have all these and more tested and your system flushed and replenished with quality coolant to have your vehicle running cool and at its maximum efficiency. 


Brake Flush & Repair

Vehicle makers recommend brake systems to be flushed with new fluid every 2 years.  Brake fluid absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and corrodes brake parts and fives a softer pedal feel.  Restore your brakes pedal feel and have your brake fluid changed with your regular service intervals. 

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