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We are your Holden, Ford & Euro car tuning experts and specialists in Rockhampton.  For over a decade, we have service and tuned numerous vehicles in the region.  It is important to have your car looked at by trusted professionals on a regular basis. 


Here at Prodyno, we use the most powerful tuning platform on the market. This allows us to maximise your vehicle's performance. If you want to increase your torque, smoothness, drivability, fuel economy and horsepower, then we have the answers for you.  We offer several packages for camshafts, extractrators, hi-flow cats, exhausts, OTD cold air intakes, valve springs and head, engine and power. 

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VCM Suite Tuning

Using the most powerful tuning platform on the market allows us to unleash the maximum potential of your vehicle's performance.  Proven results of every job dones how increased torque, smoothness of driveability, increase in fuel economy and measurable gains in horsepower.  For information on packages, including camshafts, extractors, hi-flow cats, exhausts, OTR cold air intakes, valve springs, head and engine packages and power gain, call us today!

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Intake Turbo & Superchargers

Reap the benefits of improved air flow on hi-end engine assemblies.  Hi-revving normality aspirated demand superior air flow characteristics.  Turbo and superchargers are an affordable and reliable method to achieve that killer punch.  Both have their suitable applications. Call to enquire today. 

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SCT Advantage Tuning

The tuning solution for Ford AU-FG XR6, turbo, typhoon, XR8 and GT engine packages.  Drivability and performance with exceptional throttle response and seat of your pants acceleration.  Support packages: exhausts and extractors, superchargers, turbochargers, intake plenums, intercoolers, battery relocation kit, valve springs and spark plugs.

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Ignition & Controls

Ignition is cheap horsepower.  Maximise the leverage over the top of piston by achieving a more complete combustion.  Control the timing event accurately to give a precise power and torque curve.  Digital programmable timing controls, MSD (multiple spark discharge), DCI (capacitive discharge ignition) mean more spark energy which means more horsepower.  Call Prodyno today. 

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Engine Management

All aftermarket ECU's supported for tuning.  Do not take shortcuts. Spend your money once and have it tuned professionally, giving you the best performance, economy and driveability.  Call us for advice on the product application best suited for your vehicle's needs.  After all, engine management is about control. 

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Carbs & Jetting

The correct carburettor will result in a well-behaved engine assembly.  There is nothing worse than driving a car not set up right.  Cold start, choke, idle progression, cruise and power can all be set, measured and tuned accurately at Prodyno.  Have your air/fuel ratio checked, carb rebuilt or jetted.  Call us for an application listing for your engine. 

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